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Etude Online

1 May
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Etude Online

A LJ dedicated to pre-orders and collections from Korea and Japan! Goodies ranging from clothes to stationery and all things for both genders! (: We like to spree along with you too!

About Us

We will launch new pre-orders pretty often that are up to date and trendy. In addition, most of our sprees will not be closed unless the response is unsatisfactory, otherwise, we will order in batches to accommodate all your incoming orders! There are even some pre-orders that requires no mininum number of orders/cap to reach thus reducing the time to wait! (:

All our goods are shipped from Seoul or Japan. We will only order from selected suppliers that we trust and engaged with previously. Some of our prices may be considered more costly to some of you out there, but please bear in mind that there are also several different suppliers that supply the SAME sort of goods that are of different quality and prices as well as their level of trustworthiness and efficiency do vary. We will only order from the high-rated and trusted suppliers thus we have to adhere to their terms and prices as well.

Our items are also shipped from Korea and Japan via Express Mail Service to ensure a safe and fast delivery to our place. We will then ship them out to your place using high quality materials to prevent damage to your goods. We usually try to ship them in proper packages/parcels/boxes for local mail - both normal and registered mail.

We hope that you all will have a pleasant time pre-ordering your goods with us and in the future! For more information, you can refer to our terms and conditions, FAQs or drop us a mail!

We do supply to other shops or blog shops too! Like what you see on our livejournal? Email us with the number of products you'd like to buy and we will quote you our wholesale price as soon as we can!

Our 'Operating Hours'

As we are still students that are busy with school work and all, we have to allocate some time for our studies. (sad reality!) We will try our BEST to reply to all queries and send out confirmation emails to payments as fast as we can. We can promise that you will receive a reply from us within a few hours to 2 working days! [Exceptions made to questions that are irrelevant and marked as spam!]

However, with regards to shipment of your goods from our place, we will only head down to the post office on the days stated below...
Shipping & Mailing days: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

We do meet ups if the order is bulky or large in number at our convenience, such as orders for bags/shoes...

Meet ups are usually done at Ang Mo Kio.

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